Welcome to the website of AFICS Netherlands. Here you can find all types of information and advice gathered and formulated specifically for civil servants returning to the Netherlands.

The mission of AFICS – NETHERLANDS is

  • to support and promote the purposes, principles and programmes of the United Nations System;
  • to advise and assist former international civil servants and those about to separate from UN service;
  • to represent the interests of its members within the System;
  • to foster social and personal relationships among members,
  • to promote their well-being and to encourage mutual support of individual members.

Documents available on this website are the responsibility of AFICS – Netherlands. Most of its documents are in the Dutch language, if so needed they can be made available in the English language, on request. Such requests, like others of a more specific nature can be addressed to:

AFICS – Netherlands Secretariat

Mr. Kees Tuinenburg
President AFICS

Ms. Johanna Langenkamp
Secretaris AFICS