About Us

Once Retired

Once effectively retired from the international civil service and domiciling in The Netherlands or in the far corners of the world, AFICS – Netherlands has set itself as goal to be a provider of advice with medical and pension matters. Whenever it can it will provide guidance on matters where fellow staff members can benefit from relevant information it has collected on UN administrative matters, including the UN Joint Staff Pension Fund, After-Service Health Insurance, and how these relate to (administrative) requirements they are faced with in their Dutch environment.

Founding members

The Netherlands is one of the Founding members of the United Nations, is one of the largest Donors to the developmental and humanitaran activities the UN carries out through its many Organizations and programmes and over the years its citizens have served the objectives of its causes, with professionalism and dedication. It has brought them and their families to countries all over the world, to tackle challenging assignments, but at the time of retirement there was no support group to ease the domiciling process.

This against the background that the UN System recognizes 32 AFICS member associations, in all parts of the world, with a total membership of more than 15000 former staff members of the organizations of the United Nations system. AFICS – Netherlands seeks to redress this “anomaly” and with the support of AFICS member associations a group of Dutch former UN Staffmembers organized AFICS – NETHERLANDS.


AFICS-Netherlands is a member of the federation (FAFICS) which is recognized as a representative body of all beneficiaries of the United Nations Staff Pension Fund. FAFICS participates in the deliberations of the UN Pension Fund Board and its Standing Committee. The Federation, also acts as a non-governmental organization (NGO) and was admitted in 1983 to special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Its representatives attend meetings of subsidiary bodies of ECOSOC of special interest to the Federation, such as the Commission on Human Rights, the Commission on the Status of Women and the Comission on Social Development. Since 2000 the Federation has been a member of the Board of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations, it also serves as observer the meetings of the International Civil Service Comission.

Best Interests

AFICS – Netherlands actively promotes and coordinates the best interests of its members, networking with other associations of pensioners of international associations, like the European Union, the World Bank, NATO, and others. It consults with the Executive Branch of the Duitch Government, in particular its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Social Welfare, the Ministry of health, as well as Tax Authorities. AFICS also has benefitted form and seeks to contribute to other AFICS associations, in particular those established in Europe, like FFOA (Former FAO and Other UN Staff Asoociation), and AFICS – Geneva.